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Mid Summer Musings

And just like that, my summer is halfway complete! I'm trying to savor the slowness and the sunshine I have left. August is still a long way away, but knowing how fast time flies, I cannot help but feel like it's knocking at my door.

Despite this, I am happy that my summer has been filled with many old and new favorites. I connected with friends I have known since starting college (and even some who knew me before!) and folks who I have met within the past month. I am exploring my new favorite spots in NYC but never leaving the old ones behind. It's never out with the old over here. Food and restaurants hold so many memories for me. I am always finding new things to try, but you can still find me craving Ruby's creamy chicken pasta and an omelet from Village Coffee. Some things do not change, and why should they?

Ruby's Cafe Creamy Chicken Pasta

Omelet from Village Coffee with Hasbrowns

Pictured Left: Ruby's Creamy Chicken Pasta. Pictured Right: Spinach, Roasted Peppers, and Mozzarella Omelet from Village Coffee in Maplewood, NJ. Their hashbrowns are the BOMB. Both plates were empty after these photos :)

I have been feeling present and grateful entering July. This is especially a feat given the state of the country and my notorious future-grabbing. Feeling present and filled with gratitude helps me embrace my life a little more. The old and the new, the up and the down, it has all gotten me to where I am right now: in the peace and quiet of my backyard, ready for anything that comes my way.

Red, Orange, and Pink Dahlias with a wooden fence in the background
The dahlias my parents grow in my backyard. They are avid gardeners!

I have accomplished a lot this first half of summer - and despite launching a website, completing my first paid partnership, and presenting at a national conference, my biggest accomplishment is merely existing. I am worthy because I exist. I am here. These are things I constantly remind myself to keep me going. I hope it affirms you as well!

It's a summer of spontaneity. A summer of satisfaction. It's a snack with sash summer, and I am excited to share the second half of it with you all!



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