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Sasha DuBose


Foodie, Scholar, Writer, Brunch Lover

Hey, y'all! Welcome to Snack with Sash.  I created my food blog on Instagram in April 2021.  Snack with Sash started as casually sharing what I cook and eat, but it became a space for me to delve into how food shapes our cultures and societies.  

I love food. I have fond memories of baking box brownies as a child, which blossomed into a passion for how and why food brings people together like no other. 

This passion drives my studies. I am a recent New York University graduate who majored in Food Studies with double minors in Social & Public Policy and Politics. My work outside of Snack with Sash focuses on food as a political force that African Americans use to assert their identities and fight for freedom.

When I am not enjoying the slowness and ease of post-grad living, you can find me sharing meals and memories with my loved ones.

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