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I’m taking out my broom and wiping off the dust on I’ve been doing a lot of housekeeping lately, internally and externally. Like many of us, I’ve been cleaning my room and making my bed - the two greatest joys of adult life. I’ve also been doing some more difficult housekeeping, and no - I’m not talking about moving a dresser or scrubbing a tub.

I’m talking about self-care. Making sure I eat in the morning. Making sure I get enough sleep. Making sure I get an emotional support bagel from Leon’s every Friday afternoon. As y’all can see on Instagram, I do a lot! All the hats I wear start to get heavy this time of year, so carving out time for myself is paramount to my well-being.

I promise that my return to NYU has not been all that stressful or anxiety-inducing. In fact, my friends often joke that I am in my “fame era.” My rise to “stardom” has been exhilarating and humorous. I knew I really made it when people critiqued my “sock shoe ka” or say that I’m going to burn my dorm down by cooking in my microwave. However, the real highlights of my influencer era have been working with people I admire. Whether it’s free olive oil from Graza or interviewing Mott Street Girls (which I am still geeking out about), snackwithsash is on the come-up!

This is my personal reminder that I have a website. If Washington Square News is my highlight reel, is where my bloopers go.



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