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Summer of First Steps

My Snack With Sash Summer ended in the blink of an eye. My content was not always flashy, but it was deeply fulfilling. Maybe I did not get a story post up every day or did not take as many photos of a meal before I ate it - and that is okay. Not every aspect of my life is commodifiable, and I'm sure y'all want to see me eat my morning yogurt bowl so many times.

Despite this, I am blessed that I can create things that nourish me when Instagram and its pesky algorithms are soul-sucking. As soon as I got the hang of my food photography skills, I needed to enter my videographer era. I was reluctant to do so, but my partnership with Anyday really pushed me to give it a go. That reel has over 17 thousand views! The first 15k were racked up on the first day I dropped the video.

Me sprinkling salt on my Anyday Shakshuka. Quite iconic if you ask me :)

You'll be seeing more reels from me. However, that does not mean I am abandoning my roots of posting yummy photos and delectable reviews. If anything, I am expanding upon that. I'm excited to announce that I will be the Dining Editor for Washington Square News this Fall! When creating Snack With Sash, I wanted to have a "by a college kid, for college kids" vibe, and hopefully, I have not strayed too far from that. I'll be sharing more personal "sash-centeric" content over here, while also writing for WSN! I have been wanting to enter my food journalism bag for a minute, and this seems like a great first step.

Speaking of first steps, this summer marked my baby steps into "influencing." I never really thought of myself as an influencer until this summer. Brands that I deeply admire began to reach out to me and I worked with them! Most of y'all just saw the final result - the yummy food and the highly curated posts. What y'all didn't see was the networking, the length email threads, the filming, the staging... I mean I could go on.

This summer was be sowing the seeds. Sprouting new plants in my abundant snack with sash garden. My summer might be ending, but the sun is still shining bright. Th best is truly yet to come.



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